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White By the Glass

Lagaria “Chardonnay” (Sicily) 9/32
Greyson Cellars “Chardonnay”(California) 9/32
Felsina “Chardonnay” (Italy) 11/40
Leitz “Reisling” (Germany ) 9/32
Gio “Pinot Grigio” (Italy) 9/32
Elena Walch “Pinot Grigio” (Italy) 11/40
Ryder “Sauv Blanc” (California) 9/32
Corvo “Moscato”(Italy) 9/32
Centorri “Moscato di Pavia”(Italy ) 9/32
Canella “Prosecco” (Italy) 9

Reds by The Glass

Zabu Nero D’Avola 9/32
Corvo Pinot Noir (Italy) 9/32
A to Z Pinot Noir (Oregon) 11/40
Musita Cabernet (Italy) 9/32
Felino Cabernet (Argentina) 11/40
Centenario Lambrusco (Italy) 9/34
Lagaria Merlot (Italy) 9/32
Badiolo Chianti (Italy) 9/32
Toscolo “Chianti Classico” 10/38
Tonel Malbec (Argentina) 9/34
Barocco “Negroamaro” (Italy ) 9/32
Calanica Merlot/Nero D’Avola (Sicily) 10/38
Passo Delle Mule Nero D’Avola (Sicily) 38
Vajasindi “ Lavico” (Italy) 40
Fantini Montepulciano D’Abruzzo” 30
Scaia Torre Mollotti “Cab” 38
Raineri “Langhe Nebbiolo” 40
Montepergoli “Bolgheri” 48
Alessandro E Fantino “Barolo” 59


Draft Beer

Peroni Lager 5
Schlafly Seasonal 6
Space Dust IPA 6
Heavy riff Seasonal 6
Stella Lager 6

Domestic bottles -3.75

Budweiser Miller Light
Bud Light Michelob Ultra Bud Select
O’douls Amber

Imported bottles

Corona 4.25
New Castle Brown Ale 4.25
Heineken 4.25
Menebrea Blonde 6.00
Menebrea Amber 6.00

Craft bottles

Fat Tire Amber Ale 5.50
Lagunitas Lil Sumptin’ 5.75
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 4.75
Boulevard Wheat 4.75
Blue Moon Belgian White 4.75
4 Hands Divided Sky IPA 5.50
4Hands Contact High Juiced 5.50
4 Hands City Wide APA 6.00
Urban Underdog Lager 6.00
Woodchuck Cider 5.50
Bur Oak Clyde’s Caramel Crème Ale 5.00

House Cocktails

Sangria 9
Amaretto, Peach Schnapps, pineapple
cranberry juice and wine – Choice of Red or White
Sicilian Mule 10
Tito’ s Vodka, Aperol, Lime Juice, Ginger Beer
Black Fig Mule 10
Black Fig Infused Vodka, Tito’s, lime juice, Ginger beer
Apricot Mule 10
Apricot infused vodka, Tito’s, lime juice, Ginger beer
Bellini Classico 10
Sparkling Prosecco with peach nectar
Italian Margarita 10
Patron, Di Saronno, Cointreau
sweet and sour with a Grand Marnier float
Peach Margarita 10
Patron, Peach Puree, Cointreau,
sweet and sour with a Grand Marnier float
Top Shelf Manhattan 10
Woodford Reserve, Sweet vermouth, Bitters

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